The ninjas will always be around to taunt you.  Might as well have something to think about to keep them silent.

Various nom recipes (I can has nom nom?) from different parts of the globe will send your mouth watering.  It aims not only to ignite the desire for the culinary experience but also fuel the want to actually get up and make the dish.  You can go on a quest to different joint to find the who best makes it but as my grandmother always used to say: if you want it right, do it yourself.  This then leads us to politics.  Intellectual stimulation is the best way to getting used to having your own opinion.  We do not always agree but the mere presence of an argument is a good thing.  Same goes for travel; when one is to experience another culture, do as the Romans do in Rome but never lose yourself.

Enough said.  I’ll leave the rest to you.

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